Custom Portrait Drawings

I transform your photos into pieces of art.

Double Cat Portrait, Pastell

Open Appointments & Important Notice

Some of my drawings take up to 40 hours to be finished! To have enough time for each drawing I have a maximum of 2 appointments every month. Please ask for your portrait drawing in good time. Unfortunately, I can not accept express orders. Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately no dates are available for Christmas 2019! The next free places from February 2020 please inquire in time!

Currently the following dates are available:
(depending on country of delivery)

January '20

Appointment 1
not available

Appointment 2
Order until 01. 01. 20
Delivery until 31. 01. 20

February '20

Appointment 1
Order until 15. 01. 20
Delivery until 15. 02. 20

Appointment 2
not available

March '20

Appointment 1
Order until 15. 02. 20
Delivery until 15. 03. 20

Appointment 2
Order until 27. 02. 20
Delivery until 31. 03. 20

April '20

Appointment 1
Order until 15. 03. 20
Delivery until 15. 04. 20

Appointment 2
Order until 31. 03. 20
Delivery until 30. 04. 20

A portrait drawing is made

My Mission

My mission is to make people happy with my drawings.

I draw every portrait with great care by hand. This gives my drawings a unique character. The following four features help me to make each drawing something special:

1. Leidenschaft

I love the feeling when the pencil slides over paper. A box of bright pastel colors makes my eyes sparkle.

2. Patience

Thousands of little details and hair want to be shown. This process is often tedious, but the best things take their time.

3. Exercise

Practice the most important thing in drawing. I try to draw daily to get better. Sometimes I also experiment with new colors.

4. Joy

The joy of drawing is the basis for a successful portrait. Without drawing pleasure I do not think that a nice portrait can be made.

Dog Portrait WIP
Working with kneaded eraser
Dog Portrait, Pencil

Looked over the shoulder

For a portrait drawing you need only a few materials but a lot of time.

Pencils, erasers, sharpeners and drawing paper – you really do not need more materials to draw a portrait.

For all my drawings, I use only the highest quality materials, colors and papers in artist quality. Animal portraits are drawn in pencil or with Carbothello pastel colors. For person portraits I prefer the classic pencil drawing. The execution and the detail level of the drawing is also dependent on the original photo.

From my Gallery

These pictures are a small excerpt from my portrait drawings. Currently I mainly draw portraits in pencil. If you want to see more work please visit my gallery.


Matting & Framing

I ship framed pictures only within Austria. For international shipping the pictures are without mat and frame.

Shipping & Pickup

I am happy to send you a completed portrait within Austria and worldwide. The shipping costs can be found under prices and shipping. By appointment, you can also pick up your portrait in my studio in Wels.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Before I deliver or send a drawing, you will receive a photograph of the work by mail. In this phase you also have the opportunity to announce small change requests. If you do not like the portrait at all, you are not obliged to buy the portrait. More information under prices and shipping.

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