My name is Marianne Gaigg.

I draw individual gifts and happy memories

The occasion to draw a portrait can be very different. Many want to have fun and are looking for a unique gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or weddings. Others want a beautiful and lasting memory after the loss of a loved one or pet. My palette of portraits ranges from a family portrait as an heirloom for many generations, portraits of people and children to portraits of your beloved pet.

My mission is to make people happy with my portraits. The moment of handing over a painted portrait is always a very special one. If possible, I always try to deliver my pictures personally. So I avoid not only possible transport damage but also get to know the new owners of my portraits.


Painting and drawing have always been part of my life. Especially animals and especially horses had done to me in my childhood. I drew almost every day. Therefore, I also decided for a creative and artistically inspired profession.

After the HTL1 for construction and design, I worked as a media designer in various advertising agencies for more than 15 years. During this time many digital pictures and illustrations were created. Thanks to my extensive knowledge in Photoshop, I can also make corrections in photos. This begins with simple collages and pictorial compositions and goes on to very elaborate compositions. As a result, sometimes I can conjure great portraits from very bad original photos.

At the beginning of 2017, I discovered the possibilities of colored pencil drawings and began to experiment with the medium. Currently I live with husband and child in Wels in Upper Austria.

Farbstifte Auswahl fĂĽr Portrait
Arbeitsplatz Atelier

My techniques for portrait drawings

Every medium has unique properties. For my portraits I use a pencil for portraits of people and pastels or pastel pencils for animal portraits. For digital drawings I use a Cinitq graphics tablet. This makes it possible to digitally simulate analog media and their characteristic properties.


The pencil is the classic drawing medium par excellence. Despite, or perhaps because of their simplicity, pencils are suitable for very detailed drawings. By layering different degrees of hardness fine details and high-contrast gradations can be easily represented. Pencil drawings are less sensitive than pastel colors and therefore the handling of the drawing is a bit easier. Nevertheless, you should always frame pencil drawings with passepartout behind glass.



Pastel colors have a high luminosity due to the high pigment density and are very lively. With pastel pencils even the finest details, for example in hair or fur, can be displayed. When working with pastel colors, the choice of paper also plays a major role in the appearance of the finished portrait. The color of the pastel paper also determines whether a portrait appears to be warm, light or cool. Under Material is a list of possible paper colors. Pastel drawings are very delicate and should only be framed behind glass with passepartout.

Digital malen mit Wacom Cintiq.


I can paint digital portraits quickly and easily. I can save the file at any time and, if necessary, take steps back. That’s why I offer this kind of portrait for a very reasonable price. For my digital portraits, I do not use pre-made filters, but I draw them in a similar way as if I were working analogously. Digital Portraits I deliver currently only as a file by e-mail or download. The file is high-resolution in A3 format and can be printed online or in the CopyShop of your choice.

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