Prices and Shipping

Pencil - Sketch

Pencil - detailed drawing

Pet Portrait Pastel

I only use pastels for animal drawings. Especially animal drawings also live on the coat color. For person portraits I recommend a classic pencil drawing.


Digital portraits are sent as a .jpg file via e-mail. This file can be printed at a supplier of poster printing or by yourself. Retouching, illustrations and montages are also possible with digital portraits.

Shipping Costs

private sale – Umsatzsteuerbefreit – Ich erhebe keine MwSt. und weise diese daher auch nicht aus.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Before I deliver or send a drawing you will receive a photo of the work by mail. In this phase, you also have the opportunity to announce small change requests. If you do not like the portrait at all, you are not obliged to buy the portrait. The drawing remains in my possession and can be used by me otherwise. You are not entitled to compensation and you will in any case indemnify and hold me harmless! The delivery and / or dispatch of the drawing takes place only after complete payment of the agreed price!

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