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reference pictures

reference pictures

the better the reference, the better the result

suitable reference photos

are already half the battle

Tipps for the right reference picture

The following applies to every portrait drawing: the better the photo, the better the result - i.e. the drawing that you will enjoy for a long time. It is therefore crucial that you make a good pre-selection of which pictures you send me. 

The more detailed the photo is, the more realistically I can make the drawing. The most prominent part of a person's or animal's face are their eyes. It is very important that the eyes are clearly visible and detailed in the photo. The facial expression of the person in question is also of great importance - the friendlier and more likeable and lifelike the photo, the more joy you will feel when looking at the drawing.

Photographs that are overexposed, too dark, too far away or blurry are unsuitable for drawings. An exception to the rule are photos of the deceased or those that come from a time when camera technology was not that advanced. In such situations, I strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 

If you are unsure which of your photos are best suited, contact me and I will be happy to help you with your selection. 

It is best if you send me all the photos that you personally like best and we will then make a selection for the portrait drawing together. The positioning and the perspective are often also decisive (especially in the case of assembled family portraits). 

If you have any questions about the entire process from the reference photo to the finished portrait drawing, you will find moreinformation HERE genauere Informationen. 

As already mentioned, I can of course put together a family portrait from several individual or group photos. It is irrelevant whether the family members have 2, 4, 6, 8 or 1000 legs. The most important thing is that the photos are of good quality and show the respective personalities from their best side. 

Long story short:

Choose your photo references with great care, because they form the basis for a successful portrait drawing. 

old photos

The technology in the field of photography has developed enormously in the last few decades. Detailed photos, which any mobile phone can easily create nowadays, were unthinkable in the past or only possible with professional photographers. The sheer number of photos taken today has also multiplied. Therefore, as a portrait artist, I am aware that all previous tips apply primarily to new photos and that with older family members or those who have already died, you can only work with the existing image material. Don't be afraid to send me such photos - I will do my best to let the people in question be part of the family portrait. Of course I can't invent any details that aren't visible in the photo, but I can say from experience that in such cases the emotional is in the foreground and it's more about the completeness and togetherness of the family geht.

Even old, scratched, small format photos can potentially come back to life. 

Tierportrait Zeichnungen - Bleistiftzeichnung vom Hund -CreatEVE - Portraitzeichnungen vom Foto

pencil and charcoal drawing

Pencil drawings are particularly popular because they go well with any interior design style and, especially in connection with the use of charcoal, result in a particularly high-contrast work of art.  

drawing with colored pencils

The particular advantage of colored pencil drawings is the possibility of being able to reproduce skin, eye or coat color in a particularly realistic way. Very popular, especially for drawing fur noses!

Portraitzeichnung vom Foto - slider - Farbstiftzeichnung vom Pferd
Portraitzeichnung vom Foto - oelbild von der Katze - Tierportrait

oil paintings

Oil paintings give the opportunity to have a little more artistic freedom. Depending on the style you want, you can either work with realistic colors or with more daring and expressionistic colors. 

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